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I'm Louis, 20-years old and currently studying Animation in Brussels


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I finaly took some time to put together this sketchdump! I’m sorry it took so long, but putting these sketchdumps together takes some time; first I have to select some sketches (which are scattered all around my room haha), then I need to scan them in and cut them out in Photoshop, and last but not least, the puzzling begins, to fit all the different sketches neatly onto 1 page. I think this one is the biggest one so far… :D

Some of you have asked me if I could open an online ‘shop’, so I did, on Society6! Here you can buy some old and new stuff, printed on cards, tshirts, mugs, totebags, iphone/ipod cases, laptop cases, … for those who want it (not quite sure who would want to haha :D). 

Some might find the prices high, but it is not my fault. Society6 charges a lot for their own services (like printing, the materials, …). If there is a cheaper alternative to Society6, please let me know! 

My society6 shop: http://society6.com/louisvandriessche/prints?show=new
Some late evening sketches, shot with my crap mobile. 
As I mention with all the other sketches I post, I will scan these in and put them all in 1 big sketchdump for you to have a better look. The next sketchdump is coming within a week I think. But for now, you can fatigue your eyes with this blurry image haha :D. 
Little quick illustration I did this evening, hmmm haha

Illustration of Mary Anning and her dog. Mary Anning was an acknowledged British fossil hunter in the early 19th century. The Plesiosaurus and Ichtyosaurus are some of her famous fossil findings, which changed the (scientific) world. 

© Louis Van Driessche - 2014

Life Drawing Dump #06
It has been a long time since I did some figure drawings, so this evening I picked it up again by using the Pixellovely website which has lots of photo references. I need to do figure drawing more regularly as I felt my hand/shoulder wasn’t quite loose tonight…
Sketches based of portrait photos from the web #art #sketchbook #sketch

Different character sketches and a character illustration of a bubbly 3-year old, Lydia!