Louis Van Driessche Art

I'm Louis, 21-years old and currently studying Animation in Brussels

My Inspiration Tumblr

Brienne of Tarth doodles :D 
This is something I did 6 months ago for my short. These are some colour thumbnails, together they form the colour script. It’s strange how much I want to change things, even after just 6 months you can get a whole other perspective on things - just weird. I guess they call it ‘progression’ haha, or at least I would like to think so! :D
Some of today’s scribbles :)

Father & Son - 2D turntable.

Animated on paper, cleaned up in TvPaint.

Could’ve been smoother, but oh well… :D

I have just analyzed a scene from Zarafa, a French animated film. Here are 2 samples, to see the whole post, you can go here. :D


I just posted my first cinematographic study on my new cinematographic tumblr I mentioned earlier. In this post I analyze a short clip of the film ‘12 Years A Slave’! :D
Above is a little sample — if you are interested, you can find the post here.

Cinematographic Studies

Hello people from the world, I just want to ‘announce’ (seems like such a big word, haha) that I will start with a new tumblr blog, next to this existing one, where I will post some cinematographic studies. So if you are interested, you can head on over there :D! I will still publish my art on this art blog.  

Alright that is all —- big hug! :D

Sketchdump #020 (animals) - I’ve been practicing on animals :D

Bigger view, click HERE